Access Controllers Used In Parking Management Systems

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Types of Access Controllers.

There are different kinds of access controllers used in parking management systems that are electronic in nature and thus create optimum security for properties. Security is maintained as they ensure a central management system through applying sophisticated security system. Furthermore they are easily monitored. These access restrictors include;

TCP/IP access controller -This one gives a relay for each active alarm with a direct communication with a set of computers used in access restriction. Contains sensors that are optically coupled for reader temper and alarm system. The settings of the anti-pass back and card code send signals to the control center when a door is opened during emergency.

3G environment monitor controller – This is created specifically for systems that monitor the environment using wireless 3G connection. It supports GSM, GPRS and EGDE networks apart from control functions in door access. It detects environment factors such as humidity, change in temperature, power failure and water leaks. It is ideal for monitoring systems used in power distribution, water pumping and mobile networks.


RFID reader – Is a device utilized to interrogate tags in RFID. By using radio waves it sends signals and data via an antenna connected to it. The length of distance that a tag is readable is affected by antenna gain, position of the tag on the object, polarization and reader orientation as well as the identification frequency.

Electric magnetic lock – This is well suited for perimeter exit doors, entrance doors and interior doors. It works effectively with any control system restricting access. This lock meets any high security demands for fire safety in any environment. Since it has no moving parts wear is considerably reduced. On the other hand, its security control on doors uses electromagnetism to give positive and instantaneous release when signaled by its access control centre.

Long Range RFID parking access control system-It has two sets of long range RFID reader, a set of two-lane parking access control system as well as a software for managing parking lots. This long range RFID parking access control system enables vehicles with RFID tags to pass freely. It can work well with or without PC thus after completing updating parameters, computers can be disconnected.

UHF RFID reader & tag- It capture signals directly to devices using RFID wedge.

The need for effective Parking Management System

This is essential as it ensures that vehicles in parking lots through the use of access controllers are monitored for safety. With the use of parking revenue system it permits transparency in the collection of parking fees.

Role of access controllers in managing parking management systems.

They are useful in information control and monitoring for example status of vehicles during entry and exit. At the same time, they are replaced and updated which effectively reduces overall cost in management. Parking control parameters like picture contrast, ID detection and ID card extend are set to manage parking areas effectively. For more details on different kinds of access controllers used in parking management systems visit –

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