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Annandale Interiors

There are many ways a business, especially a furniture business, can earn an extinguished reputation and a name synonymous with quality and value. The following are simply a few of those ways.

Understand the Community You Serve

Annandale Interiors is based in Sydneys thriving inner west side and has been furnishing Australian homes offices since 1984. Family owned and run, it backs their furniture and the heart of their business.

Understand the Product You Sell

They offer furniture for your living room, home office, dining room, balcony, and outside spaces. Your furniture and fabric should highlight your homes ambiance and structure, and fit in with your lifestyle. You should fall in love again every time you walk in your home. They kept all that in mind when they developed Australias greatest classic designs.

Offer Variety

At Annandale Interiors, they offer the following furnishings:

Chairs and Recliners



Living Room (Coffee Tables, Ottomans and Stools, Buffets and Storage, Side Tables, Entertainment Units, Consoles)

Dining Room (Dining Table, Bar Stools, Leather Dining Chair)

Bedroom (Beds, Dressers, Bedheads, Modern Valet Stand, Mattresses, Tallboys)

Veranda and Outdoor (Rattan and Teak Furniture)

Office and Library (Desks, Library, Executive Chairs)

Lamps (Table Lamps, Floor Lamps)

Handbags and Luggage

Annandale Interiors offers a broad array of leather goods and fabric from which to choose. They also store a large timber assortment. You will no doubt be able to custom design furniture that suits your taste.

Outstanding Customer Service

A member of their team will happily come to your home and/or office to assess the area you wish to furnish, and meet with your co-workers and/or family to evaluate your interior design needs. For over thirty years, their customers have appreciated their pleasant assistance, professional guidance, and their extensive collection, and keep returning to them.

Offer Quality

They manufacture exquisite bench-crafted furnishings with hard wood materials. But, they believe that well designed should also be comfortable. Theyve explored the world to collect the finest artisan leathers and celebrate their mutual family values. Their dedication has yielded lavish, functional furniture that is constantly and meticulously tested for quality, durability and comfort. Their furniture adapts with the seasons. The leather stays warm during the winter and cool during the spring/summer.

Provide Service

Annandale Interiors provides the following services:

Free Quotes

Home Visits

Domestic and Commercial Decorating

Wedding Registry

After hours Service

Styling Help

What matters really is whether you are satisfied with the furniture and service you receive. At Annandale Interiors they are confident that you will love how your furniture beautifies your home. As well, they know you will love their quality and service. Youll always get much more when you walk through their door.

We are a specialty website selling all types of various furniture from modern to antique and some unusual custom made furniture, like leather chairs and sofas.

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About the Author: We are a specialty website selling all types of various furniture from modern to antique and some unusual custom made furniture, like leather chairs and sofas.Visit Here For More Information :


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