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Submitted by: Chris Chew

Do you think that good singers are born with natural talents and a good voice? You do? Well, most people think that way too.

Yes, having a natural talent and a good voice is important to singing, it is really much more to it than just that. For instance good singing requires you to breathe correctly, to use your body resonance effectively, the proper control of your singing muscles, the need to keep accurate timing and rhythm, having a clear diction, planning the dynamics of the songs and many more things.

So good singing is a rather complex matter. Are you surprised? Most people will be if you tell them this fact.

Natural good singers without any formal training are using some of the correct singing methods such as singing from the diaphragm without even consciously knowing that they are pressing some of the right buttons of singing. Now since they have some natural talent, don’t you think that they will sing even better if they take good formal singing lessons?

In case you didn’t know this, even the worlds greatest superstars take singing lessons. Why do they need to take lessons if they are already such good singers? This is because they understand that they can improve further and become even better at their craft.

One of the most important things in good singing is using the correct breathing technique. Breathing in the right way not only enhance your voice quality, it also widens your vocal range, enabling you to hold the notes longer and even to project your voice better.

All of us were born with this natural breathing technique. This can be seen when a baby is crying as it can wail powerfully and are able to project its voice for a distance although it only have small lungs. The problem is that through the passage of time, most of us lost this natural ability to breathe in the right way.

Therefore in order to get back our ability to breathe correctly, we have to unlearn our bad breathing habits and be trained to breathe in the right way again by using good breathing and vocal exercises.

When you are inhaling, your diaphragm should contract and your tummy, the sides of your abdominals and your back should expand as your lungs fill up with air. As you are exhaling, your diaphragm should relax and the body parts mentioned should revert back to its originally relaxed positions.

You can also practice with breathing exercises that can train you to moderate the air flow you are taking in and letting out when you are singing. The more you practice with the exercises, the more comfortable it will be for you and the good breathing techniques will become a habit which you do not have to think about it anymore.

Maintaining a good posture will further also help you to breathe in the proper way. A good singing posture is standing or sitting upright but is relaxed and free from any tension. Make sure that you don’t slouch or hunch since slouching will put your singing muscles out of alignment to work effectively.

If you are standing, make sue that you do not lock your knees as locking up the knees will tense up your muscles. Just place your feet comfortably and slightly apart with one foot slightly in front of the other. The purpose is to be relaxed and comfortable so that your singing can be more effortless.

If you are seated, sit on the edge of the chair rather than leaning back as sitting at the edge helps to keep your body in an upright position so that you can use your singing muscles more effectively and at the same time making your breathing more natural.

Using the correct breathing technique for singing and maintaining a good posture while at it are just two of the many qualities of being a good singer and having a good voice. So if you desire to be a good singer, then you must master the many aspects of singing by practicing frequently good breathing and vocal exercises.

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