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It needn t be a difficult talk finding a reputable estate agent, Manchester has a good selection of tried and trusted estate agents, it s your job to search around and find a suitable agent for you and your property.

It may be tempting to opt for the agent who offers you the highest valuation of your property but it s worth checking whether their figures are realistic before you take them on board. Research similar sold properties in your area to get a good idea of what price your property should be selling at.

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Take your time to research your estate agent, you will be putting the selling of your property in their hands so you want someone you have a good rapport with and can trust. It s best to find an agent who has sold similar properties to yours, that way they ll already have previous knowledge of the types of people who will be interested in your property. Ensure your agent is chasing the best possible offer for your property and not just accepting the first offer that comes along (to earn their commission). Choose two or three of your chosen agents to value your property and that way, you can round up the pros and cons of each estate agent until you ve picked the most suitable.

Estate agent fees usually range from 1-2.5% depending on what type of agency you choose and how many agents you employ. The fees will vary depending on what type of agency approach you choose. A sole agency agreement entitles the agent to complete control of selling your property and no other agent is allowed to be involved until the contract has ended. This approach has various benefits, it means you only have one point of contact regarding your property and that agent will try and sell your property in order to get their fee. Estate agents usually offer a lower fee for a sole agency agreement as if they are successful, they are guaranteed their fee, and good estate agents will be successful in selling your property. If you agree to a sole agency deal, you must ensure you put a time limit in the contract or at least a short period of notice if you choose to find a new agent. An average contracted time for a sole agency contract is between 8-10 weeks, you might also want to bear in mind the current recession and add a few more weeks if need be. You can also sign up for a multiple agency agreement where you can appoint several agents to sell your property, or just one but without any ties, in other words, you d be able to find another agent if you wanted to. You will be charged a higher fee if you opt for the multiple agency approach because each agent is not guaranteed a fee. We don t recommend this approach as it can cause problems and usually ends up costing you more than the sole agency agreement.

As long as you research your estate agent and find one you can trust, your property sale should be a smooth process. Your estate agent should be able to advise about local market conditions and give you an accurate valuation. Take your time and choose an estate agent who knows how to market and sell your type of property.

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