Trading Pins Are For More Sports Than Just Baseball

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Trading Pins Are For More Sports Than Just Baseball



From humble beginnings,

trading pins

have exploded onto the youth sports scene in the past three decades. Nowhere is this more evident than in Little League baseball and softball. Trading pins have gone from a small-time hobby among a few traders to one that is enjoyed worldwide by many people today.

The popularity of trading pins in sports is easy to understand. Bright colors and extras that move or flash attract young team members. They re an outstanding way to build and show team spirit. When designed properly, they are a small wearable piece of art. And their affordability makes trading pins a natural souvenir for events worldwide.


Today s sports trading pins have their origins in the modern Olympic Games more than a century ago. They first were used as a way to identify athletes and officials. Athletes from Sweden introduced the style of the first trading pins as we know them today in 1906. These pins were made in the Swedish national color of blue and yellow. Before long, Olympians and officials started swapping pins as a demonstration of international friendship.

By 1980 s Winter Games in Lake Placid, the allure of trading pins moved beyond the Olympic village. Spectators at the Games joined in the trading fun, and trading pins soon became coveted souvenirs. Before long, millions of pins were being traded at the Games.

Not long afterward, Little League baseball picked up on the trading pins craze. With the introduction of the sport s first official trading pins in 1983, Little League opened the doors to explosive growth of custom pins.

In the intervening years, trading pins have evolved into such a huge part of Little League that they re now second in popularity only to the game itself. Thousands of traders, including players, coaches, officials and parents gather each year at the Little League World Series to swap trading pins with each other. Players celebrate their teams and others with colorful, creative trading pins to remember the season by. Teams compete fiercely to have the most wanted trading pins.

Seeing the popularity of trading pins in Little League, other youth sports such as soccer, hockey and even football have started to adopt trading pins for their own sports. More and more young athletes are discovering how much fun trading pins can be, and are expanding the hobby to new levels each year.

Trading pins easily can be adapted to just about any team sport. Mascots, players, team names, all can be added to the pin designs. Big pins increase the visibility of the design, and add-ons such as spinners and sliders mean you can add hockey pucks, baseballs, bats, or just about any other aspect of the sport to the pin design to give your team s trading pins a custom look.

Each team can design their own trading pins for a truly one of a kind creation that really sums up their team. With so many fun design possibilities, it s not surprising that custom pins have become so popular throughout the world.

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