Zap Baton Stun Gun With Flashlight

August 8, 2023 0 Comments

By Eharris

You’re walking your dog at night down a dark street or alleyway. You have a flashlight with you. Someone approaches. You notice they’re acting odd and make you feel uncomfortable. You remember your flashlight is also a stun device. You slide the switch to on and pull the squeeze the trigger activating the stunning function, causing a loud hissing and popping of 1 million volts. You’re doing this in sight of the attacker. They know what you’ve got and turn and head the other direction.

This is a real situation. The ZAP brand Stun Baton and Flashlight is a 1 million volt stun device with a super high intensity LED flashlight built in. It has a built in rechargeable battery making it an ideal flashlight to use on a regular basis. You can use it to light the way and to provide a little insurance for yourself.

Should you be approached by some less than scrupulous person, usually all that is needed is a quick firing of the stun device. At night, the blue sparks shooting between the 2 electrodes on the end, along with the loud popping and hissing, is usually enough to cause shivers up anyone’s spine.

And, if someone is actually dumb enough to approach you after they see or hear the sparks, there are actually 4 electrode contact points which can be used to stun your attacker. There are electrodes on the flashlight end, eletrodes on each side of the flashlight barrel and electrodes underneath the handle grip. So, if using it as a baton to strike someone, you’re sure to ZAP them at the same time!


It’s a great item to have on hand whether you live in the city, a rural area or, in a location like us, as we live near the Arizona-Mexico border.

Some of the Technical Info:

The new ZAP stun baton with flashlight is a great improvement over all other stun batons in the market. It’s built tough and strong to ensure it does its job of protecting you and your family. Its designed with two points of attack, one at the tip and the other at the handle. It comes with built in hot-wired side-strips to prevent anyone from grabbing the business end of the unit. Also, it includes heavy duty probes on the handle to engulf your attacker with the high voltage current it generates.

This design will truly allow you to cover all your bases and ensure your attacker gets shocked unless he just runs away. Included is a fast draw nylon holster you can use with one hand(not available with other brands) This holster is also equipped with a belt clip.

This baton is 11.5 inches long and its exterior is entirely coated in a soft tacky rubber to ensure your solid grip. It uses Ni-MH rechargeable batteries with the charger built into the handle. It even comes with a charging cord.

The ZAP Baton with Flashlight is truly an awesome product and is so comfortable to carry, its recommended for virtually all adults.

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