The Cockapoo Is A Great Family Dog

Want a great family dog? The Cockapoo is a great family dog. The Cockapoo is also known as cockerpoo, spoodle and cockerdoodle. They have been popular in the United States since the 1950’s.

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The Cockapoo is what is known as a hybrid dog. They have the best qualities of the American Coker Spaniel and the Poodle (usually a miniature or toy poodle). This, of course, is assuming these dogs are not bred from defective cockers or poodles.

Cockapoo’s are noted for being happy-go-lucky and their wonderful dispositions. These dogs are intelligent, sweet natured, very affectionate, friendly and mellow. They have a forgiving nature that makes them an ideal dog for children. Their personality is unparallel in their ability to relate to people especially children. Therefore, they make great family pets and make ideal companions for seniors. They enjoy the company of other pets and dogs, too.

They are eager to please, non-destructive and easily trained by using a consistent approach. These dogs love to play and do require a daily walk if they don’t have a small yard to run around in. This also helps to keep them healthy since they have a tendency to overeat.

Cockapoo’s have low shedding coats with very little dander which is the culprit in allergies people have to dogs. So they make a great choice for these people.

Cockapoo’s have a lower incidence of genetic defects than their parental breeds. You do need to keep their ears clean because they are prone to ear infections. They tend to live a long life….18-22 years.

These dogs come in four sizes:

  • Teacup – under 6 pounds
  • Toy – under 12 pounds
  • Miniature – 13-18 pounds
  • Maxi/Standard – over 19 pounds

A cockapoo has a sturdy appearance. Their eyes are large, round, well spaced with an intelligent expression with eyes that can be dark brown or hazel. Ears hang fairly close to their head and are feathered. Their tails can be docked or well featured and full coated if long.

The have three different coat types – tight curly, medium curl or flat coat. They come in many colors: any solid color, Parti color (solid with white), phaniton (brown, black, silver body with contrasting color on legs), tri-color, merle or roam.

As always purchase your dog from a reputable breeder to insure a healthy dog. Check the NACR Breeder Listing for registered breeders.

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The world of an rc helicopter

When you get an rc helicopter, you will notice this device is unlike anything to anything that exists in nature, so that to understand how they work, from what nature has endowed with the capacity to flying birds, which man always tried to emulate, leading result of current aircraft.

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What is clear in the world of an rc helicopter is that no matter who moves and who is still, as what matters is that you move in relation to the other. Thus put things, imagine that we put on a plane’s wings so that these could turn to moving into the air. And what is this? Neither more nor less than our beloved helicopter, a its ongoing aircraft wings moving in air create the lift needed to be suspended, without move relative to the ground.

Second, what is the rc helicopter lift? We know why a wing creates lift. To make it simple and not get into technical descriptions, parts of an experiment that most ever be made:

With all this, what I mean is that one can lift varying inversely achieve either of its two components: the higher angle, the lower speed and lower angle, faster. This led to the blades of the helicopter, means that getting a same lift at different angles, if each of the angles, the blades rotating at different speeds. What do we need different speed? Simply to determine which style of flying we do, because once there, we’re going to try is kept as constant as possible and once held the speed constant, namely that different angle variation implies a variation of engine power to just able to maintain this constant rc helicopter speed.

The different styles of rc helicopter flight, can be grouped into three categories to quiet and leisurely flight the number of revolutions per minute swing about 1,400.

The main and fundamental to our aircraft is fit to work between the passage of the blades and the gas engine. As we have seen above, to create a lift capable of lifting our helicopter, we need the rotor blades have some positive degrees, not far from 0 º. What grades have to give the blades for the helicopter to start off the ground? The answer is very variable and depends on the revolutions that have at that time.

Unless speed, angle of attack would be too big, with a lot of resistance air and also have low inertia blades to give stability appropriate. On the contrary, if we had more speed, the answers to controls would be too fast to begin with. Considering these 1400 revolutions per minute practice in this time, it must be a requirement that must be kept constant in all the evolution of flight, whether the rc helicopter is still on the ground, in the at takeoffBusiness Management Articles, or when already in phase of translation.

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Four Reasons Why Ceramic Coffee Mugs are the Best

Buying a coffee mug is undoubtedly a personal choice with such a huge assortment available at affordable rates. Although you can find coffee mugs made of glass, plastic, and aluminum, ceramic coffee mugs are quite popular due to its innate features. This article throws light on some of the reasons why these mugs are considered the best.

With so many choices of coffee mugs, choosing the best one among a host of varieties can be a perplexing task for many. Most coffee lovers choose to buy ceramic mugs as it has a wide number of attractive features compared to its counterparts.

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Keeps your coffee warm

In comparison to glass and other coffee mugs, ceramic outperforms them as it retains heat and keeps your favorite drink warm and tasty. As ceramic is porous, it insulates the heat and slows down the cooling process, thereby keeping your coffee warm for a longer period. It is durable and resistant to changes in temperature, which makes it one of the best choices for coffee mugs.

Stylish and elegant

Coffee mugs made of ceramic are obviously stylish in appearance. It is also available in an assortment of colors, shapes, and designs. It can also be customized according to individual requirements. These coffee mugs are often used as promotional items as it is durable, stylish, and presentable. Ceramic mugs can be personalized with pictures, photos, and logos in different styles and sizes which makes it an elegant choice for gift items too.


Mugs made of plastic and paper are less eco-friendly compared to ceramic mugs. Moreover, these mugs are light in weight, unlike glass mugs, which tend to break easily. Ceramic mugs are strong and durable, in addition to being environmentally friendly. These mugs are practically useful as it can be carried while you are on the move, at the office, or home. It is easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, it is safe without the possibility of leaching, unlike plastic and Styrofoam cups.

Coffee tastes better

Another great advantage of choosing coffee mugs made of ceramic is that it tastes better in these mugs. No other mug can contain your coffee without imparting any odd flavor that can emanate due to leaching of the container other than ceramic mugs. Sipping your favorite coffee from a stainless steel or plastic mug can be quite a different experience compared to a ceramic mug as steel and plastic emanate a strange odor when a hot beverage is poured into it. This is the reason why most coffee lovers choose to buy a stylish coffee mug made of ceramic.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a coffee mug to gift to your loved one or for yourself, nothing compares to the beneficial features of ceramic mugs. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, these coffee mugs are durable, safe, stylish, affordable, and available in an assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes. All you need to do is shop for a good quality ceramic mug, sit back and enjoy your coffee!

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Website Copywriter Tips: Web Copy 101

How does your personality affect your web copy? Whether you mean to or not, your site reflects you in ways you might not notice: sometimes good, sometimes bad. While personality peccadilloes can be endearing in social situations, minor personality flaws can cause web copy sabotage.

So before you get out your keyboard, get out a mirror.

Why not see if any of these 3 personality traits are seeping into the design and copy of your web site?




Web Copy Sabotage #1: Insecure people create timid sites

Most people are insecure in certain situations as they vary their image to gain the favour of others. Nothing kills web copy faster than trying to be a people pleaser. Insecure people create timid sites that try to be all things to all people. Instead of declaring, “Here’s who I am,” insecure web copy tentatively pleads, “I can be whatever you want; hope you find something you like.” How forgettable and phony is that?

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Secure people on the other hand have learned to get real.

Some people like them; others don’t. Their web copy stands out because their authors stand up. Their web copy is memorable because it is authentic. Does your web copy take a stand or does it sit on the sidelines wanting to be liked? Is your web copy real or real phony?

Web Copy Sabotage #2: Proud people produce narcissistic sites

While timid web copy aims overly outward, narcissistic web copy looks too far in the other direction. Business owners have a justifiable pride in their business. Sorry to say this pride can lead to web copy sabotage.

Many owners lost in their delight often boast, “Look what I can do,” instead of proclaiming, “Look what you get.”

Their web copy tends to focus on features instead of real customer benefits. It highlights trained staff rather than peace of mind.

Missing are empathy and impact. Nothing kills internet rapport like a one-sided, relationship. Does your web copy brag about you or resonate with strangers?

Web Copy Sabotage #3: Anxious people make nervous sites

Nervous sites are the most common form of web copy sabotage. They don’t gaze outward or inward; they look nowhere, all hurried and patchy.

The visuals are the first give-away:

a little red here and a dash of purple there

a touch of bold with a smidgen of underlining

a bevy of random quotations

a frenzy of isolated graphics

Where’s the rhyme? Where’s the reason? Where is the message? The web copy reads more like a digital ransom note than a calm presentation of a distinctive value proposition.

The sad part is this kind of web copy sabotage is that it frequently betrays an honest business person who is just not comfortable about expressing his business. This web copy unfairly depicts sleaze and incredulity.

Sometimes the anxiety is driven by a specific learning style. A number of individuals are more comfortable with trees than a forest, preferring details to the big picture. That’s too bad because site visitors usually crave the big picture before they invest their care and clicks. What image does your web copy convey – calm or chaos?

Web Copy Sabotage: What can you do about it?

So you’re not perfect.

Everybody is a bit insecure, a tad proud and slightly anxious. The trick is to keep these failings from invading your web copy. So what can you do to prevent web copy sabotage?

Your human shortcomings might populate your site because you are just too close to the data to detect your demons creeping up the keyboard.

You’ve got to get some distance. First have a third party who’s not a family member play site doctor, looking for symptoms of insecurity, pride, and anxiety in your site design and copy.

There’s nothing like conducting your own foible check to be sure you parked your sabotaging issues at the curb, not in your web copy. Here are 3 questions to ask:

What exactly does my site stand for?

How do my visitors see themselves?

How have I organized my design and copy?

If these tactics don’t help you improve your web copy, you could either see a qualified psychiatrist or hire – you know – a handy copywriter.

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Gay Talese on the state of journalism, Iraq and his life

Gay Talese on the state of journalism, Iraq and his life

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gay Talese wants to go to Iraq. “It so happens there is someone that’s working on such a thing right now for me,” the 75-year-old legendary journalist and author told David Shankbone. “Even if I was on Al-Jazeera with a gun to my head, I wouldn’t be pleading with those bastards! I’d say, ‘Go ahead. Make my day.'”

Few reporters will ever reach the stature of Talese. His 1966 profile of Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Has a Cold, was not only cited by The Economist as the greatest profile of Sinatra ever written, but is considered the greatest of any celebrity profile ever written. In the 70th anniversary issue of Esquire in October 2003, the editors declared the piece the “Best Story Esquire Ever Published.”

Talese helped create and define a new style of literary reporting called New Journalism. Talese himself told National Public Radio he rejects this label (“The term new journalism became very fashionable on college campuses in the 1970s and some of its practitioners tended to be a little loose with the facts. And that’s where I wanted to part company.”)

He is not bothered by the Bancrofts selling The Wall Street Journal—”It’s not like we should lament the passing of some noble dynasty!”—to Rupert Murdoch, but he is bothered by how the press supported and sold the Iraq War to the American people. “The press in Washington got us into this war as much as the people that are controlling it,” said Talese. “They took information that was second-hand information, and they went along with it.” He wants to see the Washington press corp disbanded and sent around the country to get back in touch with the people it covers; that the press should not be so focused on–and in bed with–the federal government.

Augusten Burroughs once said that writers are experience junkies, and Talese fits the bill. Talese–who has been married to Nan Talese (she edited James Frey‘s Million Little Piece) for fifty years–can be found at baseball games in Cuba or the gay bars of Beijing, wanting to see humanity in all its experience.

Below is Wikinews reporter David Shankbone’s interview with Gay Talese.


  • 1 On Gay Talese
  • 2 On a higher power and how he’d like to die
  • 3 On the media and Iraq
  • 4 On the Iraq War
  • 5 State of Journalism
  • 6 On travel to Cuba
  • 7 On Chinese gay bars
  • 8 On the literary canon
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Still no action in standoff in Ontario town

Still no action in standoff in Ontario town

Monday, April 17, 2006

Seven weeks after citizens of the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve repossessed land near Caledonia, Ontario, on February 28, the Ontario Provincial Police, who have authority from a court to arrest the protesters for contempt of court, have yet to act.

On April 11, more than 50 police cruisers, two paddy wagons, and several vans gathered outside an abandoned school on Unity Road in Caledonia. However, reports from last night are that visible police presence is minimal, with just a few police cruisers parked down the road from the protest site.

Before the site was blocked, Henco Industries had begun construction on 10 luxury homes out of a total of 71 scheduled to be built as part of the $6 million Douglas Creek Estates subdivision.

The tract of land under dispute was registered as a land claim by the Six Nations Band Council in 1987 but its status has yet to be settled. The land originally made up part of a large land grant given in 1784 to the Six Nations for services rendered during the American War of Independence. The government and the developer claim that the Six Nations surrendered title in 1841, but the Band disputes this.

The protesters are demanding a nation-to-nation dialogue with the Canadian government and continue to call for a peaceful resolution. Some protesters, however, have stated that if the OPP forcefully try to remove them, they will defend their land with force.

“If they break the peace, we’ll do what we have to do,” said protester Dick Hill. “Things are very tense. We are trying to defend our lands, which were taken from us. Every time we try to stand up for who we are and what we are, they come and drag us away.”

An injunction was issued to the development company a month ago that allowed for the protesters to be removed. Police have not enforced the injunction.

However, David Ramsay, Ontario’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister, said that the province was going to have a meeting with both protesters and developers in an attempt to address their concerns.

“This is a very serious situation. I have to be very hopeful that we’re going to see a peaceful end to this situation. We think we can resolve this by negotiating, and by talking so that’s what we’re doing,” added Ramsay.

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Family narrowly escapes fiery death in Christchurch, New Zealand

Family narrowly escapes fiery death in Christchurch, New Zealand

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A family visiting Christchurch, New Zealand from Australia was minutes away from being burnt to death.

They were staying in the Meadow Park Holiday Park, Papanui.

The fire started about 3 a.m. NZST and Station officer Paul Rodwell said, “From the description, they were a few minutes away from perishing.”

New Zealand-born Elaine Puku is on life support in Christchurch Hospital’s intensive-care unit after receiving internal and external second-degree burns while trying to rescue her children.

Other family members – Malcolm Puku, 47, and sons Jeremy, 17, Matthew, 13, and Jordan, 10 – were also in the fire, but escaped grievous injury. They are currently recovering from minor cuts and smoke inhalation.

“I opened up the door into the lounge and the room was like a big volcano, so red and bright and yellow, and all this billowing black smoke,” Malcolm Puku said.

There were no smoke alarms in the unit.

“It doesn’t have any fire-protection smoke alarms because it’s an old place,” Rodwell said.

Fire safety officer Graham Davies said that the accommodation is exempt since it was built before fire detectors became compulsory.

The motel is now under investigation by the Fire Service.

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Woman gives birth on New Jersey PATH train

Woman gives birth on New Jersey PATH train

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Jersey woman, 31-year-old Rabita Sarker, gave birth on a moving Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) train yesterday morning. She and her husband Aditya Saurabh were heading to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan for a “practice run”. She gave birth between the Journal Square and 33rd Street stations at 9:49 am ET (1449 UTC).

Sarker boarded the Manhattan-bound PATH train at Journal Square already experiencing labor pains. At first she believed these were false, but soon realized she was in fact giving birth. A St. Luke’s-Roosevelt physician who was also traveling on the train came to her aid. Once train conductors heard that she was in labor, they switched the train to express service and bypassed stops to go directly to 33rd Street.

Paramedics and three Port Authority police officers were waiting on the platform of the 33rd Street station. “As the train came into the station, the woman had already given birth”, Sgt. Mike Barry of the Port Authority police said. Sarker along with her child were then taken to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt where they were in stable condition.

The couple has not yet announced a name for their boy but they have nicknamed him “Jhatpat”, which translates from Hindi as “Fast”.

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2008 Leisure Taiwan launched in Taipei World Trade Center

2008 Leisure Taiwan launched in Taipei World Trade Center

Saturday, July 19, 2008

This year’s Leisure Taiwan trade show (a.k.a Taiwan Sport Recreation and Leisure Show) started yesterday, with 131 companies participating including sports media companies such as ESPN and VideoLand Television, businesses selling sports equipment and fitness clubs.

There were also a variety of sports being played in the arena built for the trade show. The events included a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, free style shooting, and bicycle test-riding. In addition, conferences discussed issues related to sports and physical education.

A major topic in the trade show was energy-efficiency and, as a result, bicycles and similar sports equipment were being heavily promoted.

Next Tuesday, companies from the electronics industry plan to promote their industry at “2008 Digital E-Park.” In previous years, organizations from the electronics industry have showcased their products at Leisure Taiwan instead of at the Digital E-Park, so this move has reduced the number of markets covered by Leisure Taiwan.

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