Free Standing Baths Standing The Test Of Time.

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Free Standing Baths Standing the test of time.



Don t free standing baths look incredible? Stood proud without an unsightly connecting pipe or sticky half-finished bottle of shower suds in sight; freestanding baths have actually played a pivotal role in numerous Hollywood blockbusters. Indeed, can you remember the brilliantly dynamic Julia Roberts kicking back and relaxing in one of those free standing baths that only looks beautiful in one of the boutique style bathrooms that emulate the appearance of a luxury spa- with sleek lines and dim mood lighting- seductively lathering up her smooth supermodel legs whilst the sexy Richard Gere can only look on in sheer unadulterated lust? Or, in that epic scene of American Beauty where Kevin Spacey in his role of Lester, conjures the image of Angela- played by Mena Suvari- bathing in free standing baths, filled to the rim with ruby red Rose petals?

So you see, free standing baths- the world over- are seen as not just objects of functionality alone- as water tight capsules to fill with warm streams of crystal clear water and luxury bath products, to submerge ones ailing muscle beneath- but also as one-off sensational pieces of bathroom furniture that are worthy of the Silver Screen!


However, what you might not know is this; sure, free standing baths are regularly seen in American best-sellers and it is only the rich and famous who seem to bathe in free standing baths, mainly because they have the room to install them comfortably; but, free standing baths are now amazingly accessible to anyone with even an ounce of interior design taste.

With Tubby Free standing baths that are simply superb for a pokey Victorian style bathroom- with silver faucets and with a burnished finish; Etruscan Free Standing baths that are ideal for Enrique, the Italian Stallion, who would prefer to share his time in the tub- warm to the touch and highly insulated for a longer stretch in the receptacle and even; Montefresco free standing baths that practically bring the outdoors in; the Albion Bath Co expert suppliers of luxury roll top and free standing baths- are fast becoming the UK leading suppliers of everything your bathroom could ever need to earn its place at the Oscars. Visit them online to find out more or purchase free standing baths.

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