Help Your Body Produce Collagen Naturally

September 20, 2021 0 Comments

By Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

Want to learn how to make the body produce collagen? Nutrients are the necessary components. A lot of companies are selling bio available collagen supplements that you take orally for this purpose. You are probably already taking enough supplements every day. Do you really want to add another one that is of questionable value?

Increased intake of amino acids is how to make the body produce collagen for the fibers, ligaments, tendons and joints. The supplements may help you increase your protein intake, without increasing your caloric intake by much. If you are working out, increasing your protein intake helps you build muscle.

But, taking a bio available collagen supplement is unlikely to help the skin’s appearance. It will just be broken down by the digestive system into its component amino acids, which might not ever make it to the skin.

So, you are probably thinking about the creams that contain bio available collagen. The problem with them is that the molecules are too large to be used by the skin’s cells. Short chains of amino acids can be used by the skin’s cells, if they are properly formulated.


The processes that most cosmetic companies use would ruin bio available collagen, anyway. Once the protein is hit with the harsh chemicals and high temperatures, it would no longer be bio-available. There is a way to process keratin, another of the skin’s protein components, that allows it to remain bio-available. Creams that contain it have been shown to increase the production of new cells by over 150% in as little as three days.

Production of the skin’s collagen fibers begins within the cell. I don’t think that it is possible to understand how to make the body produce collagen, unless you understand a little bit about what goes on and around the cells of the skin.

Inside of the cell, peptides, short chains of amino acids, are formed. These are excreted by the cell and fibrils form in the spaces between the cells. Fibrils bundle together to form fibers, which cleave to the cellular membrane.

So, obviously, how to make the body produce collagen fibers in the skin is to stimulate the production of new cells. Since the cells secrete the basic peptide that is used to form the longer chain. It should also be obvious that creams containing collagens derived form animal skin would not bind with our skin’s own fibrils.

The advertisements concerning bio available collagen are misleading, at best. At worst, they are outright lies. The ingredients in skincare products are not evaluated for safety or effectiveness by regulating agencies. The claims made by supplement manufacturers in the US are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

It is up to the consumer to find something that is truly effective and learn about the skincare ingredients that can damage your health. Now that you know how to make the body produce collagen, you might want to make ‘dangerous skincare ingredients’ your next lesson.

About the Author: Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a dermatologist who has spent the last several years researching

natural skincare products

in an effort to find the best skin care products available for her patients. The product line she found is all natural using

Wakame Sea Kelp

, Nano-Lipobelle HeQ10 & Cynergy TK. To learn what she found visit her website


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