Astroglide Vs. V Products Reviews And Rating For Water Based Personal Lubricant

December 18, 2013 0 Comments

Submitted by: Boyd Williams

The question never occurred to me. Is there a difference between one name brand personal lubricant and another? In fact didn t give personal lubricants much thought until recently. Once in a while I would have a need, or maybe just a desire to use a personal lubricant , but I never read any reviews and frankly never thought much about how one lubricant might be better than another. I didn t have a lot of personal experience and so I thought there wasn t a difference between the brands. That initial reviews couldn t have been further from the truth. What I didn t realize, but now do, is the difference in quality and the actual experience of using one personal lubricant vs. another can vary widely. I have purchased a few personal lubricants at stores, but never online. The online option seems pretty good if a person plans ahead and knows they will need to replace a personal lubricant that is running out or that, at some point in the future, it will be needed. Plus the reviews online come in handy. Of course, I never paid attention to the reviews. If you have the time to wait, buying the v products online is a great way to save money and time. But this is supposed to be about my reviews of the Astroglide water based personal lubricant and V Products water based personal lubricant. I should probably return to that story.

If you do read the reviews, you will likely see for the best skin-to-skin contact while using a lubricant, the choice would be silicon based. But, as I mentioned, I didn t really pay attention to the reviews. I didn t even consider looking at the ingredients when I went to the store at first because I was just looking at the price. The price on the silicon-based lubricants were much higher, so I didn t even consider buying them. So, I purchased the Astroglide water based lubricant.


Everything seemed good to me. There was a less than desirable natural lubrication and the Astroglide seemed to full the gap. Every once in a while we added more because it would get a little sticky but we were fine with that, not knowing there was a better option.

I would have gone on this way indefinitely had it not been for a friend that pointed out a company called V that had recently entered the marketplace. V Personal Lubricants is a company out of California with what they say is the best ingredients and the best formulation. Again, I didn t read the reviews, but on a recommendation of a friend, I decided to give it a try. As it turned out, there can be a vast difference in the performance of one personal lubricant over another and I figured that out on the very first use. The biggest thing I noticed was the V water based lubricant didn t dry out. We didn t need to apply more and more to complete the task at hand. That made a big difference because I wasn t distracted by the need to keep handling something that wasn t my partner.

With the different experience, there had to be a reason so I decided to do some investigating. I found out about parabens, glycerin and a lot of other ingredient differences. The reviews explained that V Products uses pure vegetable-based pharmaceutical grade glycerin and no parabens. Artroglide also uses glycerin but parabens are used. The issue there is that parabens are known to cause skin issues for some people and there are still questions about it s possible link to breast cancer. The way I read the reviews, the V Products lineup is the way to go. But, for me, it really comes back to the practical side. I like the fact that the V water based lubricant lasts longer, doesn t get sticky and feels great. And I can buy V online as well as in a growing number of local retailers.

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