Learn To Dance The Colombian Salsa

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Submitted by: Gwendolyn Cuizon

If you want to learn to dance salsa, you will probably come across Colombian salsa. The Colombian salsa is a dance common in South and Central America. Cali Salsa Style, or Colombian Salsa, is named after the Colombian City of Cali which is also referred to as “Capital de la Salsa” (World’s Salsa Capital). The reason for this is that salsa music is the most prevalent music played in parties, clubs and festivals in that place.

This style of salsa dancing is different from other salsa dances. It is mostly a spot dance so it will suit a crowded nightclub. It is best accompanied by a cumbia or salsa music. Here are the basic steps you should know about Colombian salsa:

Basic Steps

First step is for the man to step to the side using the left foot immediately on the first beat. The woman does the reverse which is stepping with her right foot simultaneously with the lead.

Second step is to move the right foot back to the left on second beat. The woman moves her left foot next to her right foot.


Third step is to go sideways with the left foot on the third beat. The woman steps on her right foot.

Pause on fourth beat, clap the hands and tap the foot. The foot tap would fit tapping music and often flamboyant in steps.

Step on the right. Do the steps all over again. This time, you use the other foot. For a man, you start with the right foot. Start on the fifth and seven beats. You should pause on the eight.

Take control of your space. Do not move outside your place. This style of dancing does not require too much traveling. Partners must stay close to each other.

Dance side to side. The woman starts with right and man on the left foot. Traveling may not be ideal for this dancing but you can always circle your partner as you dance the fundamental steps.

If you spin your partner, use the cross-body leads. Cross body lead is a necessary step in salsa. The move should be fluid and smooth. The partners must be within the time of music as they exchange places. To learn to dance cross body leads will require a lot of practice.

The man should step to the side so the woman can have enough room to do a turn or spin. You should face your partner after your turn. But you will be standing in the opposite direction now. You should do a spot or fixing your gaze on a point so you will not get dizzy as you spin.

The footwork is one of the focal points in Colombian style. This type of salsa is derived from Latin dancing. American Charleston and jitterbug are also possible influences. The footwork is similar to the latter dances and is a lot of fun. However, the upper body must remain straight and the arms are not moved.

Know the right beat and timing of the music. This will enable you to master the dance and also execute sophisticated steps. You will also be able to avoid accidents while dancing such as stepping on your partner s toes.

Colombian salsa and cumbia are not often taught in schools. If you want to learn to dance this style of dancing, you must spend time studying the dance moves on your own. You can do this by frequenting in Latin America clubs or getting lessons from family and friends.

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